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Within the breathtaking landscapes of Aspen, the Highlands area captivates with its majestic mountains and pristine wilderness. This picturesque region, adorned with snow-capped peaks, offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With an elevation ranging from 8,040 to 12,392 feet, it provides an exhilarating playground for skiing and hiking.


Take On the Challenges of Highland with OneUp Sportz

Boasting an annual snowfall of around 300 inches, Aspen Highlands ensures a winter wonderland for snow sports aficionados. Beyond the slopes, the Highlands village exudes charm, featuring renowned dining and cultural experiences. Aspen Highlands, a blend of natural beauty and recreational allure, stands as an iconic destination for those seeking alpine adventures.

Snow going on a ski bike in the Highlands-Aspen region offers a unique and thrilling way to navigate the winter landscape. Riding a snow bike through the Highlands’ snowy trails provides an exciting blend of skiing and biking, catering to both winter sports enthusiasts and those seeking a new, accessible adventure. With its diverse terrain and breathtaking scenery, the Highlands become a picturesque canvas for an unforgettable snow-going experience.

How Does It Work?

The ski bikes may be ours, but the guaranteed fun is yours — book your SNO-GO ski bike to make it to Highland before the gates close! OneUp Sportz services include pick up and drop off of their bikes on the mountain tops, so you don’t have to drag the gear all the way. But we don’t just leave you hanging there; our trainers give you a free safety tutorial during drop-off to make sure you stay safe. And don’t you worry about having to attend some boring lecture; the average rider can ace the SNO-GO within the first 3 to 5 runs.

Note: SNO-GO has been accredited by the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) as a winter sport that is safer than snowboarding or skiing. The bikes are some of the safest ones on the market, especially for beginners who have had little to no experience with the snow.

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