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Ajax, nestled in the breathtaking Colorado Rockies, commands attention with a summit elevation soaring to 13,050 feet (3,978 meters). Distinguished as North America's pinnacle of in-bounds skiable terrain, Ajax beckons winter sports enthusiasts with an extended skiing season spanning from October to June, promising an exhilarating alpine experience.


Take On the Challenges of the AJAX'S with OneUp Sportz

There’s no better time to book yourself a trip to AJAX'S than today. Select a date to make your way to the vivid landscape of Colorado that’s filled with mountains that dream of being engaged in snow sports. We aren’t luring you in with claims like speed skating, ski jumping, alpine skiing, or bobsleigh — because we assume you’ve been there, done that!


We’ve built our business around something unique, a twist, as we like to call it here in AJAX'S, Colorado. OneUp Sportz has combined dirt bike riding with snowmobiling to give you a newer sport that guarantees an endless amount of fun! This is ski biking, but we like to call it SNO-GO around here because once you’re down, you’re going to want to keep going around! All this sport makes use of is a bike that can be steered by the rider using their limb motor functions to lean toward the right or left while riding on the snow-filled surface.

How Does It Work?

The ski bikes may be ours, but the guaranteed fun is yours — book your SNO-GO ski bike to make it to the AJAX'S before the gates close! OneUp Sportz services include pick up and drop off of their bikes on the mountain tops, so you don’t have to drag the gear all the way. But we don’t just leave you hanging there; our trainers give you a free safety tutorial during drop-off to make sure you stay safe. And don’t you worry about having to attend some boring lecture; the average rider can ace the SNO-GO within the first 3 to 5 runs.

Note: SNO-GO has been accredited by the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) as a winter sport that is safer than snowboarding or skiing. The bikes are some of the safest ones on the market, especially for beginners who have had little to no experience with the snow.

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