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Love What You Do 

  • Do you like to be on the mountain in the winter?

  • Do you enjoy interacting with people?

  • Do you like helping people?

  • Would you like to work for yourself?

  • Would you like to be the first person in your area?

 If you found yourself saying yes to the following questions then our team at Oneup Sportz would love to hear from you and what would make you great fit for our sales team. 


The ideal candidate will have excellent organizational and time management skills, along with prior selling experience. Candidates must possess strong communication skills and project a professional image. Experience with skiing or snowboarding is preferred. Important attributes are employment stability, proven history of growing sales, outstanding customer service mindset and strong work ethic. Leadership experience is a plus.

This is a commission-based position, which offers a six (6) month paid training program and covers major travel expenses. The successful candidate must have reliable personal transportation, preferably a truck, mini-van or SUV due to the volume of sno-bikes. This position requires travel, including a few regional or national events. 


Our Vision 

Short Term

  • We are are looking to expand the footprint of Oneup Sportz's  product and service to each state in the next 2-3 years. 

  • We are looking to grow through recruitment of independent sales contractors 

  • Full tech integration supported by numuris add on products that ultimately enhance each riders mountain experience

Long Term

  • 3-6 years we are looking to have a presence with ever ski town that is allowing our products, and services.

  • Regional ambassadors  

Starting & Growth

How can we get more people regardless of ability to enjoy the mountain each year? Meanwhile not taking all your time from what we love to do so much of..hit the slopes. With a bit of mixing we have come up with four different options to give you total freedom and a self rewarding career that you control. This comes through our new explorer program. We have an success option for almost anyone will to put in the work. 

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IMG_5061 5.HEIC

Personal Vehicle

Great Plan For Areas With Multiple Mountains Close Together.


  • Ideal option for testing multiple markets within  areas of small proximity  


  • (8-15) Units approx 

Local Partnership 

Great For First Year Testing The Market In A Single Area


  • Ideal option for local person with ties to a mountainside shop or close proximity shop.  


  • (8-25) Units approx 

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Oneup Sportz
Trailer or Van  

Time For Growth & Expanded Delivery 


  • Ideal option for growth with multiple locations near your local area


  • (20-80) Units approx 

Oneup Sportz Retail Store   

Time For Growth & A Home 


  • Ideal option for long term growth and large expansion within a single well established market


  • (30+) Units approx 

Local Business Partners


We are look to expand the to any mountain that allows sno-go's. Please click the MAP LINK for a more detailed locations list.

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At Oneup Sportz we believe that anyone should have the ability to enjoy the outdoors and winter mountains with friends, family and/or a total stranger. We believe that all starts by providing folks with a safe easy and fun alternative to snowboarding and skiing.  

The Mission 


To give everyone the same opportunity we have come to cherish so much each winter. Through our products and services, Oneup Sportz will provide each mountain go-er regardless of experience, skill, and/or ability a memorable time. Our team will build a brand known for safe and affordable winter enjoyment for all types of friends and family across the US.    

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