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Ideal Brand Ambassador

Oneup Sportz is looking for ambassadors to join our team and spread the news about how easy, safe and fun Sno-Go Bikes are on the mountain! Our ambassadors are going to be able to relate to anyone and everyone who wants to ride the bikes, aging from 6 to 85 as well as individuals with disabilities/injuries that prevent them from skiing or boarding. Our main target market though, is going to be those beginners who just cannot get the hang of skiing and or snowboarding but still want to be on the slopes with their family & friends! 

What will you do? 

As a Oneup Ambassador, we expect you to always go the extra mile or “Oneup” the expectations. We are looking for outgoing, social, motivated humans who are going to help us grow brand awareness around Oneup and reach more customers to get more and more bikes out on the mountains each day. Our main goal is to be the exclusive distributor for 15-20 mountains within the next 3 years so we need your help! 


How Will Success Be Measured? 



  • Each week, we will expect you to post to your instagram page with a photo of the bikes and either you on it or one of your friends on it. 

  • The caption must be something about how fun and easy the bikes are and how much you like them! 

    • The caption will also allow your friends to enter into a giveaway (OneUp Sportz will have a giveaway every month. Depending on how many people enter through YOUR LINK, you will receive a prize if you have the most entered).

    • We also expect a tik-tok every two weeks of you riding the bike and either doing a trick in the terrain park, moguls, showing that you are going down a black or double black OR a testimonial video.

  • On Facebook, you must get at least 2 people to like our facebook page a week as well as whatever has been posted on instagram, must be posted on facebook as well. 



  • Each week, we will evaluate how many likes, reposts, & shares your content has. We expect your content to get 5 or more shares, over 150+ likes as well as a few reposts here and there. 

  • If we find that your posts are not creating enough of a “buzz” we will just need to re-evaluate your posts

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  • Post 

    • For every Instagram or Facebook post, we need at least 50 likes per post. 

  • Story 

    • On a Facebook story or Instagram story, interactions will include swipe-ups, likes and hearts–we expect 2-5 swipe ups as well as 5ish hearts (we are going to be lenient on this one because not many people interact with stories)

  • TikTok Video 

    • We need no less than 350 views on each video as well as 175 likes on the videos and a few shares (this # is hard because not everyone shares TikToks, so we just need at least a few).

  • YouTube Video

    • If you have a booming YouTube Channel already, the viewers on this should be anywhere from 500-1K.

    • If you have just started Youtube and are using it for this ambassador program, the start of your channel should bring in 100 views per video and continue to rise month over month. 

Conversions and Revenue

  • For every Video, Story, Post you create and share, you will be compensated based on how many have converted to bookings. 

    • If you get 1 conversion a week, you will receive a  25% off discount code for you, your friends and family 

    • If you receive 2-5 conversions a week, you will receive a 50% off discount code for you, your friends and family.

    • If you receive 5-10 conversions a week, you will receive a 75% off discount code for you, friends and family. 

    • If you receive 10+ conversions a week, every conversion after 10, you will receive monetary compensation. 

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